Maria Loftsdottir

Good for the soul of art – María Loftsdóttir

I am born 1946. A folk artist and nurse aid. Art has allowed me to meet people who have the same interests as me. In my work as a nurse aid I help sick people to become more positive, hopeful and to feel more loved.

When I get home from work I love to paint. The colors please the soul and clear the mind after the daily activities. I have had an early interest in art and I have drawn and painted since childhood. For many years I have attended courses in visual arts including the Reykjavík School of Visual Arts and Kópavogur School of Visual Arts.

I have been also in art group ” Litagleði ” and I have painted over the winter time for many years. I’ve also attended workshops in the UK, Scotland, Denmark and recently Sweden, Norway , Japan, Morocco and France. Most recently I was in France.

I love traveling and I take with me a big block and watercolors for capturing the colors and feelings of each place. Art helps me to renew my energy. I hope my pictures will give you an enjoyment when you look at my homepage, with joy in your heart.

I also enjoy very much traveling in my native country Iceland. A wide selection of my paintings I have done are painted in the Icelandic nature.

Painting mountains are one of my favorite projects. The magnificent nature of Iceland inspires me to paint.